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Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does a website cost?

This depends on several factors.  How many web pages in the site, do you provide all the content of the site or do we do that?  Are the pictures and graphics "web ready"?  We get the answers to all of these questions (and many more) during the first meeting, and we can then provide you a very close estimate

Why do I need a website?

I matters little what business or service you provide.  The simple fact is that the world now looks to the Internet.  By this, we do not mean only your customers.  We mean your bank, your suppliers, your lawyer or any others with whom you deal.  Email is becoming as common as the phone call, and nobody will be impressed if your employees all have Hotmail accounts.  Websites do not just sell... they educate and inform people about your business.

I heard that I need someone to "host" my website.  What does that mean?

Yes, you do.  What that means that your website needs  to be on a computer somewhere (the USA is best) that is directly connected to the Internet and  transmits your web pages over the Internet  for others to see.

Do you offer hosting?  If so, how much?

No we are design and marketing specialists.  We do however use TicoSites as our hosting provider.  They know hosting well, have broad technical knowledge, and they are amazingly inexpensive!  A real value.

Should I host my website with my web designer?

Web hosting requires a lot of technical expertise that many web designers do not possess.  Some, however, are very know-ledgeable.   If you have any doubt as to their knowledge on these matters, simply tell them where you want your website hosted.  US based hosting is the best because of the infrastructure.

How do I select a good domain name?  How much are they?

Tough question!  Generally choose a name that is short and contains words that best describe your business.  Check with someone knowledgeable in web marketing before you buy a domain name.  We buy our domain names here for $14.95 per year.

What other ways are there to market an online business?

A LOT! There is direct mail, catalog advertising, banner exchanges, mail lists, search engines, suppliers websites and probably 8-10 more.  The right method will be cost effective and will drive visitors to your website.  The wrong method just wastes your money. 

Here is an important hint!  No matter what method you use, you cannot determine if it is working if you do not track it.

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