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Consulting Services: 

Often, we meet clients who want to design their own websites and build their online businesses themselves. 

This hands-on approach is just fine with us.

What happens, however, is that they get sometimes get "stuck" on some small (or large) problem.

Maybe they need advice on how to select or implement a good shopping cart, or how to integrate e-commerce into their existing  business.  Perhaps they need a tutorial on how Secure Servers (SSL) function.  They may need help installing and configuring a PERL or PHP script, or need assistance with search engine optimization.  Sometimes, they are simply not happy with the website they have and want a pro to look it over and make suggestions.  Some want us to "refresh" their web image.

Whatever the need, we can help!  Our consulting services can be done either in-person or by phone, and we charged by the hour. 

We bill a one hour minimum for these services plus travel time, and the rates vary by location and subject content.  Contact us if we can help you!

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